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Unleash Your Creativity: The Power of Paint Events for Personal Expression and Development

So what is a paint party event? What is a paint and sip anyway? Very simple, a paint party is a gathering where everyone participates in a guided paint session of a pre selected design. Add a glass a wine and you have a paint and sip event! You're provided all the supplies, the guided class, and an awesome friendly environment. It's a place where you can be creative, fun, and unwind! When we came together to create Brush It Art Studio our mission was clear since day one. We wanted to create an environment that was not only enjoyable and fun, we wanted it to be a safe space to express ourselves through paint.

Group of women at Dahlia Paint and Sip event
Dahlia Embrace Paint Class

We believe on the importance of self expression and the connection it has in living a better quality of life. Lives are hectic with our daily routines and responsibilities causing stress levels to rise. Oftentimes we are so busy with our daily lives that we overlook the importance of letting go, of taking time to reflect on our own thoughts and our own experiences. We tend to bury them which can lead to feeling overwhelmed. We created this platform to allow people to come to rest their minds, to let go of life for a bit and focus on creating. While our classes are guided we encourage our painters to have full freedom of expression to create their masterpiece.

The environment of our studio is meant to provide a cozy place where you can use your creative side and just be you. We love to change our lighting and play great tunes as you paint to help you feel comfortable. It is designed to be welcoming for all ages, backgrounds, and absolutely no previous painting experience is necessary.

woman smiling to the camera painting with her partner at a paint and sip in yuma arizona
Love Gnome Paint Class

There are many benefits in participating in a paint class. First and foremost it's a great activity to do with friends it always brings a bit of friendly competition and tons of laughs. It's the perfect date night for you and your partner! Painting can also serve as a form of therapy, stress relief, and relaxation. Painting can help improve emotional health and improve your mood. Before you know it a couple of hours have passed and you are left with a piece of art created by you. My favorite moment is listening to our painters say "wow, I lost track of time, it's already been 2 hours!". As you allow yourself to be free and just try it out your painting skills will improve. You will notice a difference in your painting style and techniques as you continue to paint. It's as if slowly you are letting this other side of you flouring, your creative side!

Men painting cowboy boots at a paint party in yuma arizona
Private Retirement Paint Party

There's so many reasons why creating any type of art is beneficial for our health. However my personal favorite reason to create art is this: it's messy, it's fun. I have used art throughout my life as a way of being free with my thoughts and hands. It's a way to disconnect of what might be bothering me and letting my intuition guide me on what to do paint. Without rules, without expectations I love to pick up a canvas and paint the colors and shapes that come to mind with zero expectations. It's quite a freeing experience to simply let go.

If you're ready to let go and just give a shot to colors come join us for a class! Let your inner child come out to play and let yourself be guided by your paintbrush. We have some pretty awesome collaborations with local groups and we can't wait to share them with you all. In the meantime, happy painting everyone.

With Love, Marcia 💜

woman painting Chalino Sanchez at a paint and sip in Yuma Arizona
El Rey del Corrido Loteria Paint Fiesta

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