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Brush it Art Studio, your premier destination for paint and sip experiences! Dive into a world of creativity where every stroke tells a story. Discover upcoming events, purchase tickets hassle-free, and immerse yourself in our vibrant community. Don't miss out on our insightful blog posts! Founded by Marcia Hernandez, Mario Hernandez, and Adriana Medrano, Brush it Art Studio is your go-to spot for unleashing your inner artist. Join us on a journey of color, connection, and endless inspiration.



Fun-Fueled Expression:

We are dedicated to creating a lively and enjoyable environment where the act of painting becomes a joyful experience, encouraging personal expression and bringing a sense of playfulness to the creative process.


Empowering Creativity Globally:

Envisioning a world where our art studio, paint and sip experiences transcend borders, empowering individuals worldwide to discover and express their creativity for personal transformation.

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