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Sip, Paint, and Cheers: Celebrating Two Months of Artistic Community Love

First and foremost we want to express a heartfelt thank you for the overwhelming support we have received during the past weeks. We understand the importance of community support in a small businesses' success and the warm welcome we have received is just incredible. We have been opened just shy of two months and last weekend on March 16th we had our first sold out event "Vicente's Loteria Paint Fiesta". We have hosted over 30 events and the feedback we receive is what keeps us going.

This wouldn't be possible without our loyal artists some of which have attended several times to our different events. Our Neon Nights and Loteria Nights have been such a hit therefore you will be seeing more and more of those. To give thanks and show our appreciation to our loyal artists we will be putting in place rewards program very soon! Keep an eye out for the announcement.

Our team is small, we are a local small business ran by three people with a love for art and a desire to serve the community. We believe art heals and we are blessed to be able to create space and serve our Yuma community. We have amazing events that are being scheduled and we will be announcing our collaboration with the Yuma Crossing Rotary Club which have trusted us to be part of a truly meaningful event.

Join us in celebrating the vibrant community that has made our first two months an unforgettable journey! Whether you're a seasoned painter or looking to unleash your creative side, there's a place for you at our paint and sip events. Reserve your canvas, gather your friends, and let's continue painting memories together. Cheers to many more colorful moments ahead! Book your spot now and be part of the artistic fun.

And please continue sharing us, your shares, likes and comments helps us grow. Again, thank you to everyone that has attended one of our events and thank you for your endless support.

With Love,


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