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From Canvas to Community: The Social Impact of Art

The idea that painting would allow me to be involved in the community in a way that would give back was something that at a different time in my life would've never crossed my mind. While giving back was something I decided I would always do, I never thought of how painting could do that too. This past April 27, 2024 Brush It Art Studio along with DOSIS VR Games were part of the initiative "Paint for a Cause" by the Yuma Crossing Rotary Club. We were able to host two paint sessions all to fundraise for scholarships for our deserving community members.

Oftentimes we may think that art is not for us until we try it. Art is for everyone and to see so many community members and local business owners gathered at the studio having fun while enjoying themselves was truly inspiring. Art events such as this one where we painted together and experienced art through virtual reality foster connections and break down social barriers. They allow for the creation of supportive networks by creating a relaxed environment where people can be themselves and get to know others. When you participate in an event such as a paint and sip, you really put yourself in the moment and allow your creative mind to take over.

Here at Brush It Art Studio we feel extremely grateful to have been part of this wonderful initiative that was put together for one purpose only, OUR COMMUNITY! Through this event Yuma Crossing Rotary Club was able to raise $12,046 with donations from local business owners. Isn't that just amazing?

Our goal is to continue promoting self expression all in a joyful environment without any previous experience and continue giving back to our community. We hope you visit us soon and experience what we do. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

-Marcia 💜

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